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3D Scanning

Our NextEngine 3D scanner is used to accurately capture organic and complex shapes and to reverse engineer existing components. Using sophisticated specialised software, we can efficiently create detailed solid models for your CAD system.

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3D Designing

Xcellent3D provides an extensive range of CAD services including 3D modelling, concept and detail design, drafting, drawings and sketches transferred to CAD, reverse engineering and rapid prototyping. Whatever your requirements, please contact us.

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3D Printing

Our desktop 3D printers use the FDM (fused deposition modeling) process to build the 3D models from the CAD files and is often refered to additive manufacturing. Xcellent3D provides a very cost effective service to turn your ideas into physical models.

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3D Laser Scanning

NextEngine laser scanner

Xcellent3D’s laser scanning system and exceptional skills in this area are ready and available to turn your components into accurate computer models. The NextEngine 3D laser scanner can replicate complex objects to an accurracy of 0.1mm and in conjunction with high end CAD software will provide you with an accurate mesh or solid CAD model to use in your project.

Depending on the object you need scanning, Xcellent3D can advise you on the best approach for a successful outcome. If the job is to duplicate an original as closely as possible, maybe for 3D printing or to use as a 3D model, then scanning and cleaning up the resultant mesh would be an ideal approach. For use in solid modeling systems, this mesh can be autosurfaced and turned into a solid model.

If the objective is to reverse engineer an object for manufacturing, then additional work is required to rebuild the part from the scan data. This will result in a fully featured accurate solid model for the target CAD system that can be used and edited as normal.

3D Modeling & Design

Image of model loaded in CAD program

We have extensive experience in producing designs, modeling components and assemblies in 3D. We are very experienced users of various 3D parametric and direct modeling CAD systems.

2D drawings for manufacture and inspection are also an essential part of the design to production process and we are very familiar with BS, ISO, DIN, ANSI standards. We have been designing and drafting long before CAD systems were available, so have years of experience in converting ideas and designs to manufacturing.

Whatever your particular needs may be, Xcellent3D are the perfect choice to assist you in all aspects of the design process, from concept through detail layout to the manufacturing drawing.

3D Printing

Makerbot Replicator 2 3D printer and printed part

Additive manufacturing is empowering designers and engineers with new tools to rapidly turn their designs into physical models.

Xcellent3D have two desktop 3D printers that can print ABS, PLA and nylon parts. These machines have been frequently upgraded with improved extruders, firmware and software resulting in printers that output excellent 3D prints.

These printers are ideal for printing models from 3D CAD designs; being able to touch and hold the designed part is a much better experience than trying to visualize it on the computer screen. Frequently, the design can be further refined from interacting with the physical model, without the expense of actual manufacture.

They are also used to produce patterns for moulds, place holder parts and mechatronics components. Working functional prototypes of designs can be built from 3D printed parts quickly and cheaply, either to prove the concept or as the finished product if only a few are required.

As part of our 3D printing service, we will always make sure the model is viable for printing and make any changes or repairs necessary as part of the process. We can accept models in many formats and also offer a 2D drawing or sketch conversion to 3D CAD if you want something printed but dont have a CAD model of it.